Monday, January 28, 2013

When in doubt read the manual

The challenge tonight was to insert a zip into my Hollyburn skirt. It was only my second zip ever, and the first one I did in sewing class. I knew my Janome sewing machine came with several different feet when I bought it; I knew I had a zipper foot ( plain not invisible) but wasn't sure which one it was. Google, youtube and the Janome website did not help. Finally, about two hours later as a last resort I checked, and yes,an illustration as well as instructions in how to set up the stitches, near the back of the manual. Oh well.

So finally: not perfect, but fine for my first solo zip ( I still need to remove the blue basting stitches, but it is late). Sorry for the horrible phone photo but I'm too chuffed with myself to wait for better light.

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